Hotel Ristorante Valbella is located in Gallio, one of the 8 lively communes that lay on the wide stretches of the Plateau.

The territory will be able to offer you a genuine mountain haven, if you choose it for your holidays.

Many historical attractions, from the forts and trenches of the First World War, to the museums and places of culture that since the Serenissima Republic of Venice have marked the territory.

You can walk over 500 miles of paths and white roads with the whole family on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, perhaps stopping to visit the over 100 mountain ranges where the Asiago DOP mountain cheese and the best cheeses, cows and sheep are produced!

Winter trails with snow are beaten and transformed into the largest cross-country skiing area in Europe; And if you prefer to walk on the fresh snow, with snowshoes you can have fun and walk along the gentle slopes of the Altopiano, perhaps moonlit!

And then, you can live the true life of the country: all the inhabitants of the Highland hold much to their land; That is why they resist the depopulation of the ancient districts, which jealously guard the history and culture of these mountain peoples.

Gallio offers a lot of opportunities to entertain you and your family during your holiday (find out here)

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